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I've had a close relationship with Mark Hendrickson since the early 80s. He is a man full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and has lived this adventurous life of faith. I believe Mark. He deals with challenge of the 'Good Fight of Faith'.  So you will be challenged and blessed in the reading of this account of a man and his day to day walk in the midst of the righteousness that comes by faith. 
Noel Alexander - Founder of Love Mercy 
Intercessor of the Nations
Olathe, KS

My friendship with Mark and his lifestyle of simple faith has always inspired me to live a life of total trust in the provision of our Father. Now his book takes us to the bedrock of the words of Christ in Scripture and provides a roadmap inviting all of us to live in all out pursuit of God's 'higher laws' of supernatural provision. My heart longs for this and I invite everyone to this adventure of faith.
Pastor Gary Schmitz
Executive Director Citywide Prayer Movement KC
Kansas City, MO
I've known Mark and his wife Debbie since the early 80s and have seen their faith rise up and believe for provision and receive it. Mark's message about supernatural faith for provision will inspire your faith to soar to a new height. He's a just man who has lived by faith. Supernatural Provision will be a great blessing that will help you stand strong in a time of testing. 

Bob Jones - speaker
Ft Mill, SC


Living by faith today often means living by everyone else's faith. We make all of our needs known and even solicit support and call it living by faith. Mark and his family speak to God alone regarding their needs and they watch Him honor their faith as they trust in their sovereign Provider. We are so busy and so impatient that we have lost the posture of waiting on God for His marvelous faith building provision. We are so grateful that the Lord has led Mark and the Hendrickson family to re-pioneer this critical facet of the Gospel. May this book profoundly impact, undergird and promote the spread of this rare but much needed prototype. 
Larry Alberts
Director of Families of Nations Gathering Unto Him
Blaine, MN
I have known Mark for nearly 30 years and over the past decade I have personally watched him walk out the ideas expressed in his n
ew book Supernatural Provision. His book should help everyone realize that the blessing of co-laboring with the Father was meant to be a joyful delight free from dutiful drudgery filled with fear and anxiety. He truly is an amazing man of humility and honor and I consider him a best friend whom I often look to for guidance. 
Bob Hartley
President and Founder of the Hartley Group & Deeper Waters Ministry
Kansas City, MO
I highly recommend Supernatural Provision. There are so few books on this subject, especially one like this book which highlights God's desire to bless His people, in contrast to, as Mark points out, a "lower law" of sowing and reaping. He challenges the reader to come up in their faith, yet gives them great grace in the journey. Read this, but when you're done, keep it handy because you'll want to refer to it over and over again.
Chris DuPré - Worship Leader / Pastor / Speaker,
Book author of 'The Wild Love of God'
Song writer of 'Dance with Me'
klin, TN

For the believer, life is not a strife-laden burden, but a romantic adventure with Jesus. Supernatural Provision can help you find a place of true rest in your soul.
Bob Sorge - author
Kansas City, MO

It's been an honor of be a part of Mark and Debbie Hendrickson's life since 1983. In fact, I've personally watched them lean on, depend on, run to and watchfully expect God to break into and move in the area of finance, along with every other area they have contended for. Their journey is truly a journey of Supernatural Provision. Even now, I am reminded of the many times when Mark has shared stories of the provision of God and we'd say, "Mark you have to write these stores down. Your journey will give great encouragement to the whole body of Christ." This book is their story of Supernatural Provision in the everyday lives of someone just like you and me. I believe that as you read these pages you also will be greatly encouraged to expect God to meet you with Supernatural Provision.
Julie Meyer - singer / songwriter / speaker
International House Of Prayer - KC
Kansas City, MO

If there is ever a time that we need to know the ways of the Father, it's now. Many times, the Lord hides His servants in the crucible of testing in order to establish their hearts so that they can emerge to impart their revelation of the Kingdom to a world around them. Over the years of knowing Mark and Debbie, I have observed them increasing in the out-of-the-box way of knowing God as 'Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider'. They have learned some secrets of the ways of God that are essential for all of us to understand. Supernatural Provision is not just about principles, but it is the lifestyle and testimony they have lived-out in God's provision. Be ready to be free from worry and striving in regards to God meeting your needs so that you can be free to just love God and love others.
Ed Kalnins - pastor
Wasilla, AK

Mark Hendrickson is a man of integrity and faith who, along with his family, has earnestly pursued God and His kingdom as the foremost priority of life. This is one family's testimony of God's faithfulness to His kingdom promises. Inspiring, informative, challenging! 
John Wesley Adams
Associate Editor of the Life in the Spirit Study Bible
Grandview, MO

Every once in a while in life, we bump into someone who gets it. Mark is one of those people. He understands that Jesus is our great Reward. He is our Prize, He is our Pearl and the Treasure we cherish. I've watched Mark for over a decade live these truths. And now in Supernatural Provision, Mark skillfully presents the keys found in Scripture to open new territories. He leads the reader right into the available and exceeding abundance God intends for His people. The bottom line? Provision Happens in His Presence. A must-read choice!
Nancy Magiera
Founder & Director of The Chicago HUB
Chicago, IL

Watching the Hendrickson's lifestyle of ministry has been a source of great encouragement for me as they have lived and breathed the words written on the pages of this book, as well as THE Book, like few people I know. I have been fascinated and in awe of their lifestyle of 'being about the Father's business' regardless of what it might or might not bring to them personally. I've watched them do this in every aspect of their lives over the past 25 years as they have hit some potentially devastating circumstances and yet, have not wavered from living life according to the words in this book. God has met them in amazing ways and they've been a blessing to those around them as well as those in far off nations. Their faith IN God has created in them the faith OF God. I HIGHLY recommend Supernatural Provision as it lays out in a provoking way the higher road of walking with God as opposed to working for God. I love how Mark has laid out the truths so easily missed as we 'do church' in our western culture with the mixture of man's ideas. To walk with God in the grace He intended seems very do-able in Supernatural Provision.
JoAnn McFatter - singer / song writer
Foley, Alabama

Many have written about God providing through our jobs, our financial acumen, and/or our investment portfolios. And that can be true, as it can be true on a certain level that God heals through doctors and medicines. But precious few have drilled down to biblical bedrock on the issue of provision. Mark has done so in Supernatural Provision, and what gives his book extra gravitas is that he is a practitioner. He has incarnated his book's contents for decades. His book, and his life, are a breath of fresh, old (first century) air. Mark's book could not be more timely, or necessary.
Mike Higgs
President of Sondance
author / prayer mobilizer / youth leader
Carey, Idaho


I'm so very happy Mark has written "a" book (because I have always found his newsletters to be rich and refreshing), and that he has written "this" book (because I know Mark and his family have proved its principles where it counts---in the laboratory of life)! Over the years Sandy and I have been blessed to sit under the ministries of Mark and Deb and their amazing family. We've shared great times of fellowship in a variety of places, including their home. On every occasion we have been hugely impacted by their authenticity, warmheartedness, and wit. One of the things I love most about Mark is he has always been like a heat-seeking missile, his target being wherever even the smallest embers of revival fires could be found. On the 'pioneer-settler' continuum, Mark will always be found on the extreme edge of "pioneer." The reader will find Supernatural Provision to bear this out!
Dave Noel
Director of Indianapolis School of Supernatural Ministry
Indianapolis, IN

Everyone who aspires to live a life full of faith with their finances needs a go-around with Mark Hendrickson's book: Supernatural Provision. He writes it from his family's deep experience of living in Kingdom provision. I love the statement made several times that, 'God is the best banker'. You the reader, will feel empowered to not see finances as scary; or giving extravagantly as a once in a lifetime opportunity, but you will be able to align your expectation for God's provision with good theology and begin to make more conscientious choices on how to live in His abundant supply. Mark and his family have definitely lived this out and have become inspirations to us all. 
Shawn Bolz
Director of Expression58 Ministries
Author of : Keys to Heaven's Economy, 
The Nonreligious Guide to Dating & Being Single,
The Throne Room company

Studio City, CA


Reading this book throws a brick in the beehive of our cultural mindset and my personal thinking about money and provision. My clustered beehive thoughts are now loud, disturbed, awakened... and swarming.

The exhausting treadmill of fear-based work and endless activity is a cruel taskmaster. It is a dead-end curse that rips us off to live in dull shades of gray instead of Living Color. Perhaps here, the upside down world will see modeled a better way to live our lives.

Now, the beehive that was so tightly clinging to another tree... has moved... moved from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life! The honey is better there.

Supernatural Provision is sacred cow tipping at its finest and it is outside the 'normal' box.

Blessings on you as you 'draw this map' to guide others on a path less traveled.

I loved the book a lot. Convicting and exhilarating all at the same time. God knew the perfect timing for this book. Thanks for the experience. Now I don't know what to read!!! I need more.

One of the gifts I think God has given you is to help people step into the 'Selah'. As I said before, you help me by asking questions that are in my heart but was maybe afraid to ask. We're all so unaware of what's going on in our hearts and we're so trained by religion to ask the 'right' question and give the 'right' answers, but totally not connecting with us . You come in the side door. You don't use those religious terms that automatically bring a certain dead thought.

I see you as a lightning rod that attracts the lighting of heaven to help people connect with the lighting themselves. Then you back off and let them have their own lighting experience.

I'm enjoying Supernatural Provision very much, but it's making me think too much :-) I mean these are radical thoughts. I mean, take it for what it says. WOW! You are stimulating new thoughts through the printed page. Awesome!

Mark, one thing you do that I really like is the way that you ask the questions that are going off in my own head. That's a great help to me. Many of the thoughts you challenge us with are threatening. We've been challenged with them before, but usually with a "if you were really spiritual you would do this" spin. Keep up the good work. Oh you are :-) This is really good. What a Sunday morning feast.

Supernatural Provision has been the right word at the right time for me. I began to read your book as soon as you sent it but it became so weighty for me I put it down and wrestled over the issue of 'supernatural provision' for weeks. For many years I have been questioning the REAL meaning of Matt 6:33 and your book provoked me even more. But we had several 'eureka' moments that have helped us think and pray through the issues we were contending for. 

I have been surprised by the response I've received from other believers when presenting the subject of 'not working for a living�. And the emotion in their responses has been very intense. Everyone seems to have a principle they live by, but most don't know why they do what they do. You seem to touch on them all in the book. 

Your comments on being a 'forerunner' and a 'breaker' were a great encouragement to me. I've had those thoughts as well but I could find few others who were of the same mind. But I realize now that there are very few people who have been this way and that I may be breaking ground for others to follow... including my children. 

Thank you again so very much for sharing your book even before it was published.

Mark, I'm reading your transcript. So far my reaction is, again....Wow. Amazing insights! It's stretching me and it's like "how much more do I dare read?" I've shared some thoughts with my wife and I think she might be a little bit "concerned". Like we're going to blow off the farming, insurance, the hog thing and just "wing it" with God. I'm giving her nuggets here and there and having fun with it. (If you get a call from a disturbed wife just know you've been forewarned! Ha!! - kidding) Really, this is so good; it's hard to process it all. I'm not even quite half way through yet. My, my....

Mark, I've been reading through your manuscript. Wow. Got through many pages and am SO touched to say the least. Thank you SO much for the honor of getting to read this material.

I give Mark's book a double thumbs up!!! His ideas and lifestyle testify to how God's plan for our provision should be.

Mark, we have been reading this manuscript and I am wonderfully challenged by it. It is stirring up a fire on the inside of me and I can hardly wait to see the fruit of it. 

Thanks for allowing me to look over this current WORD of the LORD writing. I cannot overstate the importance of this word for me personally and the church going into the next 10 years. As God shakes the world system of making provision, the spirit of mammon, we need increase understanding to help build faith in how God will help us receive His provision on every level of our lives. This very subject could be the very point where many turn away from their faith in God as the present world system of provision is being shaken. 

I felt I should send a note and tell you the effect your book is already having. I've been reading in it since shortly after you sent it to us, and most would say it was taking me way too long, but God's timing is perfect. This morning I picked up your book again and in my reading came to this "Do you have a passion for something for which you've lost your joy? Like Peter, the Master could restore it as you give yourself to being about His business. Sound good? It is. And He is." 

The tears started flowing, still haven't completely stopped, so excuse typos I might miss through the tears. The added thing is, to say yes also means trusting God to provide the extra gas money for the extra trips to Fairmont it will involve. It means trusting that God will provide Glendon with someone to work hours he has had me work. It means trusting God to provide to cover �lost' income, so often when Glendon calls and asks me to work it is at a time when extra finances are needed. There will still be times I can help him, but saying yes will take away two of the most frequent days he needs help. The answer will probably be yes to the teaching, but it is scary on many levels. Thanks for sharing the manuscript with us.


I am so captivated that I can not put it down! I love it, thank you so much. Grace says we are in a new covenant / law!!

This is all about Grace and Revelation and His New Covenant. Thank you so much for the revelation, I so believe this is so timely and Kingdom. More to come. I completely see through Grace this is where we are invited to live. Grace defies all logic and reasoning! God is good. Tell me more. Oh - I will go back to the book.

What is so good about it is "It is based upon the good news... HIS GRACE. It is not a strife or work accomplishment. It is totally New Covenant and has everything to do with Jesus' Finished Work. The law was sent through Moses, but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ!" Paul so suffered (hahahahahaha - the thorn in the flesh thing) because of THE ABUNDANCE OF REVELATION which he had received. We are so invited by Father to step into the Kingdom.

This is so amazing Mark! I am so stoked!!! I already want to buy copies to share. This is revolutionary and restoration. Are you prepared for what is going to happen in your life when this book is published?

As I read page after page of your book, every word on every page is written out of relationship. It is so, so good. Song of Solomon rich!

When you were here you said you would have copies of your book to give away. How many can I have? I will only give them to the influential. For you influence the influential. 

Reading your book, I almost feel like I am cheating... "Not!" It's like I am reading the answer sheet in the back of the book. Because of Grace I am not planning on spending several years to experience SP. I am tucking in hard under your revelation and testimony for breakthrough. It is the most refreshing read that I have ever done on finances. I am sharing nuggets out of it to everyone I talk to. I believe it will go viral. There are only a few books I have read back to back, this will certainly be one. I will be reading this book over and over and everywhere I go, this book will be a part of my message. It is the Grace that is on it.

I really feel this is a global revelation and you are on the cutting edge. There was a cause and effect. Martin Luther caught it. So did Mark Hendrickson!

Supernatural Provision is an awesome book. The foundation you lay is awesome!! We have barely touched on the provision. Unless this is your primary life message, you need to get started on the next book!! Lovin' the book!!

The Supernatural Provision stuff is - wow. It's opening up new horizons in my own thinking of who God wants to be for us. There's an increasing awareness that we (I) live too small. I've been watching how you operate and am grateful to be able to have an opportunity to get to know you because you stretch me. At the same time I've been drawn to the passage in 1 Corinthians 3:21-23 where it says, "So then, no more boasting about men! All things are yours whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future - all belong to you and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God." So, I'm thinking that what has been accessed by you - or anyone - is available to all! If that's the case then....let's get after it.
2023 (c) Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM)

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