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Benevolence Projects

~ Homes for Widows and Orphans ~

Our primary partners
Love Mercy
led by

Noel & Mieke Alexander

We have been close personal friends with Noel & Mieke Alexander for almost 40 years.  Their lifestyle and impeccable integrity is worthy of emulation.  For the last few decades their ministry Love Mercy, has been primarily involved in Kenya, Africa.   Common agenda:

  1. drill water wells

  2. build community centers

  3. evangelism

  4. build churches

  5. train and set-in local spiritual leadership

As the churches are established, the commitment to care for the ever-present poor becomes an integral part of the ministry.

DPM/ALC's involvement with Love Mercy has been focused on building widows' houses, because we believe this is so dear to our Father's heart.  James 1:27 expresses it well, "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...".  

For a surprisingly small contribution of approximately $800, a 3 room home can be built.  One hundred percent of contributions that are labeled to this end, goes directly to the widows' homes.  That's noteworthy.

We're all bombarded with never-ending requests from ministries asking for our contributions.  And truthfully, every giver must find the benevolence focus that works best for them.  But here's what I look for when I 'open my hand'...


  1. Integrity of the mission  and benevolence organization

  2. A low administration overhead / money goes directly to the project

  3. Integrity of the local overseers

  4. A Christian church-family to nurture the widows

  5. Heavenly favor that follows when we're in sync with Heaven's design

We can attest that the above indicators are overtly present as we partnered with Love Mercy and these dear widows and orphans.  Here are a few projects that have touched our hearts deeply over the last few years.  

Widow Jane before

Widow Jane and pastor - almost finished

Widow Emma before

Widow Emma after

Widow Angelina before

Widow Angelina after

From local overseer:   "Angelina has 4 children.  They had their houses washed away due to flooding so there will not be any before pics, however we will have after pics of their new house." 

Widow Zubeda before

Widow Zubeda after

From local overseer:  "Does not look like much yet but 2 layers of plaster inside and out, it will look like a Million Bucks"

Widow Miriam in process

Widow Miriam almost finished

Widow Louise in process

Widow Louise after

From local overseer pastor:

"Widow Emmah's house got finished and she already moved in.   The area chief in busia got so impressed by the new house that he paid for the flooring and put in the glass windows.  We also gave her some money to start a small business for a living.  She is now the happiest lady on earth.  She is very thankful.  May you live 1000 years.  May YHVH bless you 100 billion times.  Much blessings, grace and favor to you"

Widow Emmah after

From local overseer pastor

"Peninah has told me to tell you  "thank you thank you very much for building her a house." Our Lord bless you forever. You have saved her from shame. Also the church says thank you. I and Sarah also say thank you. The Lord bless you 100 billion times."

Widow Pininah almost finished

From local overseer pastor

"Florence lives in a one room ‘house’ that is about to fall over.  She and eleven others share this 10 x 12 feet shack.   She and her family are destitute.   We will build her a three room house that is 15’ x 36’."

Widow Florence before

If you'd like to partner with these widows' homes' projects, feel free to click here then select one of the contribution options.  Be sure to mention 'widows' homes' in the memo.  100% of donation will be applied to building widows' homes. 

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