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We're available to speak, lead worship and conduct seminars at your church, conference or small group.

Most of our ministry consists of public speaking on a variety of topics which range from the Father heart of God, knowing the times and the seasons, fanning the passions of the heart, new creation and ascended life topics.  We also lead worship in a more free contemporary style, including prophetic song.  Laughter and joy... and tears are a common occurrence in our meetings, with a goal to engage hearts in a encounter with His Presence.


How to schedule the Hendricksons for meetings

Contact us (below) and state the dates of meetings and type of meetings that you're planning.  Also, we would like to know the other principal speakers involved, if any.  We will pray regarding your request.  Expect a prompt response.

We will most likely provide our own transportation unless we fly to your city.  There is no charge to minister with you.  Covering our travel and stay costs is appreciated, but it's not required.  Love gifts are appreciated.

We don't require hotel accommodations or restaurant meals.  We're happy to stay in a home.  We're hospitable and enjoy visiting and staying with the people that we're serving.

In some situations we may need to bring a team with us, depending on the objectives of the meetings.  Covering their costs (travel, accommodations and meals) are appreciated.  If we choose to bring a team, we'll have it approved by you before we make plans.

We're also happy to spend time with your leadership, prayer group or worship team if that would be helpful.

Initial Schedule Inquiry

Thank you!

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