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Suggested bios

Bio 1

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson have been involved with Christian ministry for over 45 years, have pioneered a couple churches and are currently living in Kansas City, MO.  Each of their four children have strong Christian families and are involved with various levels of Christian ministry.  Tender hearts and tears are a common phenomenon that accompanies Mark & Debbie's ministry.

Bio 2

Mark & Debbie Hendrickson are founders of Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM) which is based in Kansas City, MO.  Although they have planted a couple of churches, most of their ministry has been itinerant in the US and many other countries.  Mark loves to foster encounter-based experiences in his speaking and worship.  Tender hearts and tears… and joy and laughter are common as he ministers.  Father’s passionate love, our stunning true identity and the amazing free access we have to our Father’s heart are common themes… which all serve to empower us into our full Heavenly inheritance.

Bio 3

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson have served on the pastoral staff of multiple churches over the nearly 50 years and have pioneered a couple churches.  They've led worship most of their lives, and in the 'early years', they ministered as a team with their family who all sing and play instruments and are public speakers.  Currently, Mark and Debbie minister itinerantly; enjoying an adventurous life, guest speaking, life coaching and helping with personal or internal church issues.

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