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Meet the Hendricksons


Mark and Debbie Hendrickson have pastored and conducted an itinerant worship and speaking ministry for over 45 years.  They are the founders and primary ministers of DPM which became a corporation and a 501(c)3 tax-exempt ministry in 2000.  They minister in conferences, seminars, churches, house churches and on the internet.

The DPM message is a call to intimacy with God, an awakening of new heart-passion for the awesome man Jesus, and encounters with Father’s love.  The unsurpassed grace and goodness of God toward mankind... and an upgraded perspective of who we are in Christ have been central themes.  More recently, their message has rallied around our 'new creation' identity and the many exciting 'ascended life' realities which are every believer's inheritance.  For more on this topic, visit our Ascended Life Community website -

Their worship leading style is contemporary, intimate and free-flow with spontaneous songs and Song of the Lord.  A 'seamless' worship experience is characteristic of their worship times.  Personal prophetic songs over individuals are not unusual during worship.  Laughter and freedom, tender hearts and tears are common.

Solving church leader (or congregational) crisis issues is another facet of their ministry.  Mark disciples and life coaches; one-on-one, in small groups and retreats.  Discovering a person's unique God-designed motivational giftings and helping them find tools to pursue those giftings are common topics. 

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