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Book and CDs by the Hendrickson family


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Most of these cds are available in digital format online. Click on an item to see if it is available.

We no longer sell
hardcopies of our CDs.
But if you see us personally, we may be able to give you a copy of these CDs:

24-7 I
24-7 II

Supernatural Provision - by Mark Hendrickson

This book will revolutionize your thoughts and life regarding "working by the sweat of your brow". Interested? Discover God's 'Law of Blessing'. The powerful 'take-home' truth is "God's will is God's bill!" (More details)

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$5.00 For shipping & handling


Heart Songs / An intimate worship encounter
Hendrickson Family & Friends

Thirteen songs of love and devotion to the Lovely One - Jesus. The love language of your heart will find wings to meet with Him and Love will break through to wash, encourage and empower you. (Details)


Imagine - Luke Hendrickson

Masterfully arranged orchestral and rhythmic sounds as expansive and powerful as any movie score will elicit a wide range of emotions. Your imagination will definitely take flight. (Details)


Forevermore - Lydia Hendrickson Shaw

Lydia's rich heritage in music and worship inspires her creativity in musical styles of Jazz, R&B... and even a tribal feel. All of which will keep this worship cd fresh to the last song. (Details)


Twenty-Four Seven I & II - by Hendrickson family

Twenty Four Seven I & II is a series of unique albums of instrumental chordal progressions designed to facilitate Harp & Bowl prayer meetings in settings where instrumental musicians are not available to lead the music. The
se CDs provide six 10-minute progressions suitable for singing in the Spirit, intercessory worship, or simply a time of personal devotion.
Produced at: Dwelling Place Studios


Times of Refreshing
Hendrickson family

Nearly an hour recording of the Hendrickson family as they ministered at a local KC church.  In an atmosphere of soft instrumental worship, Mark gently exhorts hearts to receive the ministry of the love of Jesus. (Details)


Instrumental Meditation Series
Misc Artists

Non-demanding music helps get my mind out of the way so that my heart can encounter His presence. Use these non-stop hour-long creations of easy-listening music when you want to dial down and 'check out' of the
rat race.  Or for extended times of praying in your heavenly language or singing spontaneous songs. Or just for atmosphere music.

Instrumental Meditation Series

1. IMS - Luke Hendrickson
2. IMS - John Hendrickson

3. IMS - Randy Cutrell/Tiffany Perry

4. IMS - Brian Longridge

5. IMS - Luke Hendrickson

6. IMS - IHOPKC Awakening

7. IMS - Luke Hendrickson


9. IMS - Sonja Gale

10. IMS - Adam Humburg

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