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Articles, Audios, Videos, Insights and Notes


Mark Hendrickson is the author unless otherwise noted
Disclaimer: I may change my views as I mature

(Double click to stream OR right mouse and "save link as" to download)

Exhortation audio
 A Resting Place For God
 Awaken Greatness
 Emergence of Healing Grace in History
 Healing is the Children's Bread
 How's Your Heart
 Mystery Now Revealed to Pray Differently - Col 1 - short
 On Ramps
 Praying With Revelation - Eph 1 - short
 Supernatural Provision - Sun Morn Serv
 The Open Door in the Spirit
 The Third Day (2006)
 The Third Day - short
 Third Day-Seventh Day (expanded overview - 2010)
 Those Who Love Your Appearing - A Visitation - II Tim 4 - short
 Toward the Renewed Mind
 What Does God Want

Times of Refreshing CD (spoken word and music audio)
 Times of Refreshing (48 minutes long)


Prayer audio
 Co-heir Prayer 1-13
 Lead On O King Eternal - 4-13
 Our Amazing Inheritance - 2-13
 Your Banqueting Table - 8-10

Music Audio

Heart Songs - An intimate worship encounter
01 Let Him Kiss Me
02 Yes I Love You
03 The First Time
04 You Desired Me
05 All I Needed
06 All That I Want
07 In The Arms of His Love
08 Melodies of Love
09 I'm Yours
10 Deeper In Love
11 Take Me
12 What Can I Do
13 Everlasting Love

24/7 I (Instrumental CD)
01 Abounding Love
02 Transcendent Beauty
03 How Long
04 Spirit and the Bride Say Come
05 Rush on the City
06 I Would not let Him Go

24/7 II (Instrumental CD)
01 Awake Awake O Zion
02 I Am My Beloveds
03 All I Want is You
04 Arise O God
05 Youre the Best
06 When Will You Come

(Live video of Mark - double click to stream)

 Dual Realities of the Believer - (for notes see below)


BODY-LIFE and Misc Insights

 Fleece Template - Finding The Will of God
 Honoring Prophecy - Wage a Good Warfare
 How's Your Heart... Try This Spiritual 'Dipstick'.docx
 Personal 'On Ramps 'in God - Discovery and Development
 Proclamation - Prophetic Prayer
 Submission - Being Under Authority
 Trading Passion for Respectability - by G.D. Watson
 Five-Fold Ministry - Fingers of Hand
 What is Your Motivational Gift - by Bob Beckett


 Jesus - That Your Joy May Be Full
 Joseph (an outline on the tutoring of God)
 Progression of Voice of God
 Widow (Lk 18) vs Bride (Esther)


 Approaching Our Prayer Time
 Basics of Harp and Bowl Format
 Follow Life!
 Harp and Bowl Teaching Notes
 Prayer - A Sign of Hope - Jeff Fountain
 Prayer & Worship Leader Guidelines
 Prayer Project - 30 min-6 wks
 Prayer List
 So You Want to Build a House of Prayer (from scratch)
 Study on Prayer
 The Open Door
 Quotes -- A gleaning of inspired quotes

Prayer Room Pics
 Deerbrook Covenant Church.jpg
 First Presbyterian Church.jpg
 New Summit Presbyterian Church.jpg
 Olathe Christian Fellowship.jpg


 Finances - A Better Way

NEW CHURCH - "permission has been granted to do church differently in the the third millennium"

 Defining New Testament Gatherings
 Dual Realities of the Believer
 Five Premises For Victorious Living
 Heavenly perspective vs an Earthly perspective.doc
 Just some musings - Third Day Church
 Minister Dependent Church - by Maria Wade
 New Definition of "Church"
 Our Relationship to the Larger Body of Christ
 Possible Moves of HS in meetings
 Report on Nonchurch-goers - The Barna Update
 The Point of No Return - by Kriston Couchey
 The Third Day - Seventh Day Notes
 The Third Day Perspective - by Robert Holmes
 When The Church Went Off-track Many Years Ago - Kathie Walters


 Spontaneous Singing Notes
 Spontaneous Worship
 Worship Night Format
 Worship Seminar Notes
 Worship Leading
 Download devotional instrumental


 Courtship - The Modern Process by Eric Blievernicht
 Life's Mate - Check List
 Moral Purity - Notes

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