Tips and Tools for worshippers

       Spontaneous 'magic' worship chord progressions (click here)

        More spontaneous worship progressions (click here)

        This is a must for worship leaders who want to lead their people into free worship times.

        These worship progressions are used as a musical foundation for singing and playing
        the Song of the Lord and spontaneous worship.  These are only an introduction to help
        launch you into more creativity.  Remember, simplicity usually releases more worship.

        Take any line and play through that one staff repeatedly.  Do not progress to the next
        staff until you have established a firm foundation for the other worshippers with you. That
        may take from 3 to 20 minutes, for example.

        You will find that some of the staffs of chords will flow into the next staff. Caution should
        be exercised to keep the "foundation" of chords as steady and as predictable as possible so
        that others will be able to relax and let worship arise undistracted from the music.

        Click here to download.  - Acrobat Reader Required.
        Permission granted to copy and distribute this resource as you wish.                       

*** Guitar web pages (excellent)
        These web sites have excellent content to help the beginner, as well as the advanced.
        They have tuning procedures ( an actual 'play along' tuning tool ), chord diagrams,
        scales, arpeggios, theory, ear training, metronome, etc, with lots of links to further guitar
        interests.  Basically it is a web based guitar-training course.

        ** -- World Guitar 2000
        ** -- Cyber fret.Com
        ** -- Chord Find
        ** -- Chord House / Guitar Room
        ** -- Guitar Education Resource Guide

*** Piano web pages

        ** -- Free email piano lessons
        ** The Art Department - free lessons w/ quiz
        ** -- Chord House - chords and scales

*** Music Theory

        ** -- teoria - A wealth of theory education including teaser tests


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