Hendrickson Family Page

Lydia - John - Debbie - Mark - Luke - Markus - Allison


      We're a gregarious family who love Jesus and His people.

Meet the family:

     Mark and Debbie Hendrickson were both raised in pastors' families and have served in the ministry for over 30 years. They pioneered and pastored a church in Wisconsin where they lived for nearly 12 years. In 2000, they returned to Kansas City to help support the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC). Mark and Debbie have led worship most of their lives and have ministered as a team with their family; who all sing and play instruments and do public speaking. Currently their family consists of four children and one daughter-in-law. All live in Kansas City except for Markus and Allison who live in Franklin, TN where they have established their own ministry. Mark and Debbie, Luke, John and Lydia still itinerate within the US and internationally; guest speaking, leading worship and conducting worship and 'harp and bowl' seminars. Each of the family members are musicians and sing in a worship style that is contemporary, tender and  spontaneous.

Let me introduce our family members:

     Mark:      minister, public speaker, worship leader, and musician
     Deb:        homemaker, home-school teacher, song writer, musician, worship leader
     Markus:  worship leader, play's guitar, bass, piano, recording studio owner/engineer, computer tech
     Allison:    homemaker, web designer, violinist, keyboardist, worship leader, music teacher
     Luke:      keyboardist, guitar & drums, recording studio owner/engineer, producer/music writer for movie & CDs
     Sarah:     homemaker, ...
     John:       drummer, percussion and keyboard, recording studio owner/engineer, producer/music writer
     Cheryl:    mother, interior designer, artist, ...
     Lydia:      loves art, singer, song writer, plays keys, flute and cello, worship leader

Family notes:

     Children have been home-schooled
     All family members play musical instruments and sing
     Entire family recorded CD’s: "24/7 I", “24/7 II”, "Times of Refreshing" and "Heart Songs"
     In the 90's we 'pioneered' a church called "The Gathering" in Richland Center, Wisconsin
     We do itinerant public speaking and leading of worship
     Are interested in family genealogy
     Like to camp and spelunk (explore caves)
     Have raised misc. livestock on a little hobby farm in WI
     Our family has a strong Christian heritage with conscientious Christian parents and grandparents on all sides.
     We are all professing and practicing Christians, by the grace of God.

Contact info:

     E-mail address:

          h e n d r i c k s o n @ d p m k c . o r g

     Mailing address:

          Mark and Debbie Hendrickson
          11011 Olive St.
          KC, MO 64131


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