Dear Support Team

God bless you for your desire to pray for, encourage and co-labor with us.
We truly value your prayers. May Holy Spirit give you much grace as you pray for our family.

Hendrickson family prayer requests

** Grace for physical health for our whole family
** Grace for our marriage and family relationships
** Grace for continued financial provision
** Anointing to match the occasions of life and ministry
** Protection from demonic schemes
** Protection for all our travels
** Frequent new spiritual experiences, needful to stay 'fresh'
** Increased heart 'fire and passion' for each of our family members
** Holy Spirit's oversight to connect us with only those to whom we're to relate and minister
** Wisdom and grace for administration of ministry, scheduling and bookkeeping

If you would like to pray with more understanding about any of these areas, please feel free to contact us.

Financial Needs

** It's our desire to continue offering Supernatural Provision book and all our products as a free gift.
----------But your contributions help make this possible

** Monthly living expenses
----------Pray with us about this need as Holy Spirit brings us to your mind

** $750 for a 200 amp electrical service upgrade for our residence.

We're always amazed at how our Jehovah-jireh supplies for our needs. He's so GOOD!
Our most sincere gratitude to you for your love, care and prayer!!!!

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Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM) is a faith based ministry. Our confidence is based upon knowing that our Lord is a good God and that He will provide for everything that is in His will. His provision comes in many forms and from many sources, our responsibility is to love Him and obey.

May the Lord bless you for your response to His promptings on your heart. And we thank you for your love, prayers and favor toward our family and ministry. May the Lord reward you many times over! Your contributions not only help to sustain our family's ministry, but are also sown into the fertile ground of individuals and groups as we feel the Lord prompting our hearts.

DPM is a legal covering for the ministries of the Hendrickson family and others who minister with them. DPM is 501c3 tax-exempt and a non-profit corporation of the state of Missouri. All charitable contributions to DPM are tax deductible.

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