Meet the Hendricksons

Mark and Debbie are both PK’s (preacher's kids). Both were raised in a home where the presence of the Lord was sought after and music had a prominent place in much of the ministry.

They met in 1975, married in 1977, and began leading worship together in Deb’s father’s church in St. Louis where Mike Bickle was the youth pastor. In 1983 Mark joined Mike Bickle and the leadership team at Kansas City Fellowship (KCF) as senior worship leader and associate pastor. Through 1989, they led worship and helped raise up worship teams for the six area churches all related by common leadership.

Between 1989 and 2000 the Hendrickson family lived in the rural community of Richland Center, WI. During that time they pioneered and pastored a church called The Gathering - a regional "watering hole". "The River" was a strong influence on the ministry - with lots of worship, "soaking" in the presence of the Lord, and prophetic prayer ministry. Many of those attending had been to Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and loved the free atmosphere of exploring the presence of the Lord.

During those years the Hendrickson children, Markus, Luke, John and Lydia , began learning to sing and play instruments. In 2003, Markus married Allison, a wonderful addition to the family. They have all been an integral part of the DPM ministry. Now, Markus and Allison have their own ministries in Franklin, TN.

(Lft to Rt) Mark - Lydia - Debbie - John - Luke

Mark and Debbie have pastored and conducted an itinerant worship and speaking ministry for over 30 years. Their style is one of fresh and ‘real' worship. Mark loves ‘reality worship', which he describes as using ‘living room language' and exploring fresh and creative ways of eliciting participation from everyone present. His desire is to activate and engage everyone in a personal ‘getting lost' in love with Jesus.

Mark and Debbie ministered with their family for nearly 15 years with the seven of them flowing with an ease and anointing that inspired and refreshed many hearts into greater faith for your own family. Families with aspiring musical youth have not be disappointed when attending their meetings. The Hendrickson's are very musically skilled and versatile in many styles, especially heart songs. Finding and following a seamless worship experience is characteristic of their worship times.

Personal prophetic songs over individuals are not unusual during worship. Tears and fresh heart awakenings are common. People find new encouragement and greater desire to know a more relevant and delightful Jesus.

What about now . . . . . .

The Hendricksons moved back to Kansas City in 2000 to support International House of Prayer–KC (IHOP-KC), which is a worship and prayer center that has continued night and day since September 1999 and currently has 1000+ staff members. At various times since it's beginning all of the Hendrickson family members have been involved in IHOP. Their hearts have been gripped with a strong desire to be a part of bringing forth this vision of “night and day prayer” in the earth.

Itinerant Ministry

Mark and Debbie have been doing itinerant ministry for many years. They lead worship for conferences, conduct worship seminars, and guest speak. Their worship style is contemporary, intimate and prophetic. As schedules allow some of the family still ministers together playing instruments; keyboards, guitars, flute, cello, low whistle, bass, percussion, and drums. Their worship seminars have been an effective tool for awakening the spontaneous song and Song of the Lord in many worshippers.

A call to intimacy, an awakening of new passion in the heart for the awesome man Jesus, and a presentation of the Father’s love characterizes their guest-speaking message. Casting the vision of IHOP and practical ‘clinic’ instruction help launch people into the “harp and bowl model” of worship and intercession.

If you're interested in scheduling them at your church or conference, please email: i n f o @ d p m k c . o r g For information about how to schedule them click here:

Support Team

As an itinerant ministry the Hendrickson's trust the Lord for His provision for their lives. Your prayer cover and financial support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to personally become a part of the Hendrickson's financial support team, please

Heart Songs - An Intimate Worship Encounter CD

This intimate worship encounter will captivate your heart with it's honest and deep affections for Jesus' heart. The Hendrickson family, with some of their friends, compiled their most intimate love songs and arranged them in a way that makes the heart feel cared for and carried away into His Embrace. You will experience ‘deep calling unto deep' in these songs of love and adoration.

Don't be surprised if you encounter the ‘gift of tears' while experiencing this intimate encounter; in fact a warning may be appropriate: “Do not listen to Heart Songs while driving”.

Twenty/Four Seven Series - Instrumental CDs

24/7 I and 24/7 II are the current cds available in the 24/7 series. Experience this fresh collection of spontaneous songs and anointed prophetic melodies that will stir your heart. These instrumental songs are designed to support antiphonal singers, musicians and all worshippers. Charts and guitar chord diagrams included. A great compliment to prayer meetings, worship team 'practices', home groups, devotions, etc. 24/7 or 24/7 II can be ordered online at the Dwelling Place Ministries website DPM website.

Times of Refreshing - Intimate Ministry CD

Nearly an hour recording of the Hendrickson family as they ministered at a local KC church. In an atmosphere of soft instrumental worship, Mark gently exhorts hearts to receive the ministry of the love of Jesus. An unusual tenderness came upon many of us. This unexpected "kiss" from heaven caused tears to flow freely as hearts were washed with the intimacy of Jesus' presence. A NEW Hendrickson original song, Everlasting Love, was added to this live recording.

Imagine - Luke Hendrickson - Instrumental CD

With over a year in the making, Luke has now finished his instrumental album. Masterfully arranged orchestral and rhythmic sounds as expansive and powerful as movie scores will elicit a wide range of emotions. Without a doubt, this CD will cause your imagination to take flight.

Forevermore - Lydia Hendrickson - Praise/Worship CD

Lydia is an accomplished keyboardist and vocalist and has served in the Kansas City International House of Prayer since it originated in 1999. This environment and her personal relationship with Jesus has inspired many of these songs. John, her brother, and Lydia have created a wide variety of sounds and genres from gospel and jazz to tribal which is sure to give you something to suit your liking.

DPM Website

The Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM) website contains newsletters from the Hendricksons, descriptions of cd's in the online bookstore, Dwelling Place Music Studio info, and tips for worship leaders and musicians. Web address: http://www.d p m k c . o r g

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