Bio 1: Mark and Debbie Hendrickson have led worship for over 40 years, have pioneered a church in WI and are currently living in Kansas City, MO. Their family was involved in the founding of a 24 hour a day prayer center called "International House of Prayer", which has maintained continuous day and night worship and prayer since 1999.  They all individually itinerate in the US and internationally, leading worship and teaching on worship and prayer and matters of the heart. Tears are a common phenomenon that accompany their ministry. Each of the family members are musicians and sing in a worship style that is contemporary, tender and spontaneous.

Bio 2: Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM) is an itinerant ministry of Mark and Debbie Hendrickson and their family and is based in Kansas City, MO. They've been in ministry all of their lives, planted a church, helped establish International House of Prayer-KC and have ministered in the US, several Hispanic, Asian and European countries. All of the family members are public speakers, musicians and singers.

Bio 3: Mark and Debbie Hendrickson have served with Mike Bickle in several churches over the last 40 years. They pioneered and pastored a church in Wisconsin where they lived for nearly 12 years. In 2000, they returned to Kansas City to help the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC). Mark and Debbie have led worship most of their lives and have ministered as a team with their family; who all sing and play instruments and are public speakers. Mark and Debbie travel itinerantly; guest speaking, leading worship and conducting worship and "harp and bowl" seminars.

Most of their ministry consists of public speaking on a variety of topics - depending on the need of the group and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Topics range from the Father heart of God, knowing the times and the seasons, fanning the passions of the heart, worship and prayer, and encountering God. They also lead worship in a more free contemporary style, including prophetic song. Tears are a common occurrence in their meetings, as the goal is to engage hearts in a tender meeting with His Presence.

In addition, they are often involved behind the scenes with life-coaching and helping church leaders work through personal and church issues.

Our primary objective is to serve you in such a way that together everyone experiences a life altering encounter with Jesus. If we can be of help to you in any way, please email or visit the DPM web site at:

How to schedule the Hendricksons for meetings

We are available to speak, lead worship and conduct seminars at your church or conference. We can present "clinics" (hands-on ~ you get to do it) on worship and house of prayer fundamentals. Mark is also available to teach on many topics that would encourage and strengthen your group or church.

Contact us via email, phone, or postal mail and state the dates of meetings and type of meetings that you're planning. Also we would like to know the other principal speakers involved, if any.

The Hendricksons will pray regarding your request. Expect a prompt response.

We will most likely provide our own transportation unless we fly to your city. In that case you should provide transportation to and from the airport and to and from the place of meeting and overnight accommodations. In any event, the hosting church should cover all costs incurred while traveling to and from your city. (Standard driving allowance is 48.5¢ per mile.)

We don't charge a fee to minister with you. We're happy to serve your ministry while trusting the Lord to meet our needs. Whenever it is possible, a love gift is appreciated.

We don't require hotel accommodations or restaurant meals. If necessary we'll be happy to stay in a home as long as there is quietness and accommodations for our family team. We're hospitable and enjoy visiting and staying with the people that we're serving.

In some situations we'll need to bring a ministry team with us or extra musicians, etc. - depending on the objectives of the meetings. The host group is asked to cover the accommodations and meals of our complete team. If we choose to bring a team, we'll have it approved by your hosting group before we make plans.

We're happy to spend some time addressing your leadership/worship team if you would like to set up a separate meeting for that.

In most cases, the Hendricksons are also available to help in Sunday services if the pastor so desires.

To connect email:

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